About Us | Baron 84
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Our plan, when we first decided to open a Persian restaurant in Liverpool, was to bring our love of food and cooking to the people of the city.

The role of food and the kitchen in Persian culture is a significant one, stretching all the way back to antiquity. It has strong links with family and the comforts of home, and of sharing those with friends. Enjoying fine food and drink with the ones we love is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

That is what Baron is all about – sharing food and friendship.

Food for the Soul

Persian cuisine is culmination of cooking traditions from across the Middle East. With its roots in ancient Persian cookery, over the millennia it has incorporated techniques from neighbouring cultures such as Turkey, the Caucuses, the Levant, Afghanistan, and more.

These new ideas about food and preparation became part of our own culinary history, creating a vibrant and exciting style of cooking. Today, Persian chefs continue to innovate, using their deep love and respect of our cultural cuisine as an anchor for creating new dishes. At Baron, this long and storied history of Persian cooking is reflected in our food, carefully prepared and served in the beautiful surroundings of our Bold Street restaurant.

From our Family to Yours

Baron is a family-run Persian restaurant and each member of our kitchen and front-of-house staff is considered part of our extended family.

When you enter with your own friends and loved ones, you become part of that family too. We bring you the finest Persian food and drink in the city, and you bring a healthy appetite.

A Stylish Dining Experience

At Baron, we want you to forget your troubles for a few hours while you eat and drink in our stylishly-appointed restaurant. Covering two floors and with room for 100 covers at any one time, we are a place where you can relax over a well-cooked meal.


While we are available for walk-in customers throughout the day, we recommend booking in advance if you wish to guarantee a table. All table bookings are handled through Quandoo and can be managed through their app.


For any queries or to enquire about our availability, feel free to give Baron a call today. You can reach us on 0151 705 0786 and speak to a member of our friendly team.